News releases

June 16, 2005

PSC urges Health Minister to ensure medical marijuana is "smokeless".

June 16, 2005

The Honourable Ujjal Dosanjh
Minister of Health
Ottawa K1A 0A6

Honourable Minister Dosanjh,

I had the opportunity to hear Mr. Steven Fletcher’s remarks made in the House of Commons about medicinal marijuana and to read the news release that he issued on the subject.

Mr. Fletcher raises some important questions.  Smoked marijuana is not safe.  Moreover, the fact that Health Canada is providing medicinal marijuana for smoking seriously undermines the credibility of Health Canada’s otherwise excellent program to discourage tobacco smoking.

We urge you to ask your officials, in the course of their continuing monitoring of the medicinal marijuana program, to prepare a report on how access to medicinal marijuana for authorized users could be limited to smokeless forms only.

We would be grateful if this report could be shared with us and other members of the public.

Yours sincerely,


Neil E. Collishaw
Research Director