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June 1, 1999

Physicians for a Smoke-Free Canada honours Dr. Richard Stanwick

 (Ottawa) – Dr. Mark Taylor, president of Physicians for a Smoke-Free Canada, is pleased to announce that the Dr. Norman C. Delarue Award for 1999 has been presented to Dr. Richard Stanwick.

Dr. Richard Stanwick is Regional Medical Health Officer for the Capital Regional District (CRD). The Capital Regional District (CRD) encompasses or includes twelve municipalities and four electoral areas with a total population of 326,000 living within 2,420 square kilometres around Victoria, the Capital of British Columbia.

"Because of Dr. Stanwick’s leadership, the citizens of the CRD enjoy the highest level of protection against polluted indoor air in Canada," said Dr. Mark Taylor. "This is the only municipal district in Canada to have built support for 100% smoke-free public places."

Dr. Taylor stressed that the current CRD by-law was the result of a multi-year campaign. "Dr. Stanwick and his team have worked tirelessly for years to generate public understanding of the serious health consequences of second-hand smoke. They built public support for these measures, and they demonstrated that support by encouraging voluntary compliance among restauranteurs and other small business."

Health authorities confirm that second-hand smoke (also known as Environmental Tobacco Smoke, or ETS) is responsible for lung cancers and heart disease, and is a serious health risk for those who work or live in smoke-filled areas. Second-hand smoke is the third leading preventable cause of death (after smoking and drinking).

"Canada’s medical health officers are among the best in the world," praised Dr. Taylor. "Canadians owe much to this dedicated profession, whose diligence and willingness to defend public health against commercial and social pressures has resulted in healthier and stronger communities."

"Even among this exemplary group of professionals, Dr. Richard Stanwick and his accomplishments stand out as a model for us all."

The late Dr. Norman C. Delarue has been described as "the father of the Canadian medical profession's interest in smoking." Dr. Delarue was a Toronto thoracic surgeon who was a tireless opponent of tobacco use. Long before it was fashionable, he fought vigorously against smoking, through lecturing, lobbying and research. To honour Dr. Delarue's foresight, integrity and contribution to public health, PSC established the Dr. Norman C. Delarue Award in 1993 .

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