News Releases

August 21, 2007

Health Minister's goals for tobacco control deserve support.

(Ottawa - August 21, 2007)  PSC welcomed the announcement yesterday by Canada's Minister of Health, the Honourable Tony Clement, of a new goal for reducing smoking.

"We agree with the Minister that the goal of reducing smoking rates to 12% by 2011 is appropriately ambitious," said Cynthia Callard, PSC's executive director.

"The achievement of this goal will be of great benefit to the hundreds of thousands of Canadians who will enjoy better health and longer lives as a direct result."

PSC welcomes the identification by Minister Clement of improved regulations, better controls on contraband cigarettes and support for the new global tobacco treaty as ways to achieve this goal.  "We are particularly pleased at the importance given to the population-wide measures that only governments can put in place," said Callard.

PSC calls on other government departments and other levels of government to lend their active support to the Minister and his department. "Although Canada has one of the most successful track records in reducing tobacco use, there are significant challenges that must be overcome to meet the new goals," cautioned Callard. 

"Canadians can help by demonstrating their support for reforms to the way cigarettes are packaged and sold, for stronger measures against smuggling and for higher levels of protection for those who continue to be exposed to second hand smoke."