Thai cigarette warnings

In July 2011, the Thai government announced that toxic constituent information would be required on 60% of the side panel of tobacco packages, effective January 28, 2011.

labels  (with English translation)

In September 2009, the Thai Royal Gazette published requirements for new health warning messages to be on Thai tobacco products effective March 2010.  These three new warning messages increased the total required to 10, and each carton of cigarettes will be required to contain all 10 warnings. The size of the health warning messages was increased to 55% of both sides of the principle display panel.


Link to 2009 Regulation


2010 warnings (click to enlarge)



Previous warnings required in Thailand 

After March 25, 2005, Thailand required that Thailand requires that each package of cigarettes includes a health warning that covers at least 50% of both sides of the package.  In October 2006, a new set of 9 health warning messages (including some of the original warnings) was approved. The new warnings were to come into force in 2007

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Cigarettes on display at retail showing first sets of warnings