Brazilian cigarette warnings

After February 2002, cigarettes sold in Brazil were required to be sold in packages where 100% of one side was used for a health warning messages.  These first 9 messages are shown at the bottom of this page.

A second set of warning messages was adopted in 2004.  Each package must also carry the phrase :

 “This product contains more than 4,700 toxic substances and nicotine which causes physical or psychic dependence. No safe levels exist for the consumption of these substances”.

A third set of warning messages was revealed on May 31, 2008.

Tobacco companies were banned from printing any values for nicotine, tar or carbon monoxide, but later regained this right.

Links to:
Brazilian regulation
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Set #3
(Death. Smoking can lead to death from lung cancer and emphysema.)
 [Gangrene. Smoking causes obstruction in the arteries and circulatory problems]
[Impotence. Smoking causes sexual impotence];

[Heart Attack. Smoking causes death from heart attacks]

[Victim of this product.

Smoking harms the mother and the baby and causes premature birth and death]

[Toxic Smoke.

Breathing smoke from this product causes pneumonia and bronchitis.]


Risk of stroke increases with the use of this product]



Nicotine dependence causes sadness, pain and death.



Toxic product.

This product contains toxic substances which lead to sickness and death]



This product causes premature wrinkling.

Set #2
1. Esta necrose foi causada pelo consume do tabaco

[This necrosis was caused by tobacco consumption];

 2. Fumar causa impotência sexual

[Smoking causes sexual impotence];

3. Crianças que convivem com fumantes têm mais asma, pneumonia, sinusite e alergia

[Children in live in close contact with smokers have more asthma, pneumonia, sinusitis and allergy];

4. Ele é uma vítima do tabaco. Fumar causa doença vascular e pode levar a amputação

[He is a victim of tobacco. Smoking causes vascular disease that may lead to amputation]

5. Fumar causa aborto espontâneo

 [Smoking causes spontaneous abortion]

6. Ao fumar você inala arsênico e naftalina, também usados contra ratos e baratas

[When smoking, you inhale arsenic and naphthalene, also used against rats and cockroaches]

7. Fumar causa câncer de laringe

 [Smoking causes cancer in the larynge]

8. Fumar causa câncer de boca e perda dos dentes

 [Smoking causes mouth cancer and loss of teeth]



9. Fumar causa câncer de pulmão

 [Smoking causes lung cancer];


10. Em gestantes, fumar provoca partos prematuros e o nascimento de crianças com peso abaixo do normal [Smoking during pregnancy causes premature births and the birth of babies with low birth weight];
Set  #1