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A Review of Cigarette Marketing in Canada - Premiere Edition - Autumn 1998

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Red Kamel in Kanada Winston's New Look Trademark Tracker Short Takes (News Briefs) Market Mania



Filter-Tips is Canada's first e-zine review of tobacco marketing in Canada. It's offered by Physicians for a Smoke-Free Canada as a semi-annual check-up on the promotional activities of the tobacco industry and its associates.

Our information comes from a variety of sources:  tips from friends, tireless photographers (this edition owes much to Denis Cote at InfoTabac in Montreal), news releases, friendly retailers and information requested from Health Canada under Access to Information laws.  The resources to put this page on the web came from a contribution provided to PSC from Health Canada (whose opinions are not necessarily reflected in the content). Thanks, Health Canada! 

Caveat surfer! We're heavy on photos and graphics!  (As they say, a picture is worth 178,352,493 kilo bytes!)



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Expert, eh??
Export A is back for another year of Extremely dubious Extreme sports.

Professor Richard Pollay reports

Players Racing Simulator -Drink, Smoke & Drive! It's a coast-to-coast pub-crawl for the Player's Simulator Challenge.
Booze, Cars, Cigarettes... now why didn't we think of that?


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Abandoned Brands What ever happened to Rothmans Plus and Export A Smooth?
Once promoted, now demoted. Two brands bite the dust.
Winfield Races to Market Winfield rolls in. 
When Jacques Villeneuve was switched from Rothmans to Winfield, Canada didn't lose a cigarette marketing idol, it gained a new brand of cigarettes.  
wpeBE.jpg (1680 bytes) Rogues Gallery
Snapshots of cigarette promotions
Red Kamel Korner Red Kamel
It's hot! hot! hot!  Well, maybe not.
Trademark Tracker Tracking Trade-Marks
A look at what the tobacco companies might have in store
Winston's New Look No Bull!
Winston cigarettes get a Canadian face-lift
gaulbutt.tif (58594 bytes) In brief....
Short takes on new products
wpe7.jpg (1696 bytes) Cigarette sales are up (a little bit)
A quick review of sales figures for the first half of 1998

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