A Review of Cigarette Marketing in Canada -- 4th Edition -- Winter 2003

What took us so long?!

Welcome back to the fourth edition of Canada's only e-zine on Tobacco Marketing.

Filter-Tips is a periodic review by Physicians for a Smoke-Free Canada of tobacco marketing in Canada.

This edition is presented shortly after the final provisions of the Tobacco Act came into force on October 1, 2003.  On that date, the exemption for sponsorship promotion from the general prohibition on lifestyle advertising of tobacco products came to an end.

But that didn't mean the end of lifestyle promotions -- the companies have found other ways to create and communicate lifestyle imagery for their brands.


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The third edition
Winter 2001
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Second Edition
Autumn 1999
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Premiere Edition
Autumn 1998

In this Edition:
On October 1, 2003, the Tobacco Act came fully into force.
A look at the new rules

Imperial Tobacco re-brands its night-club events. 
A peek behind the scenes.
New restrictions on cigarette
Definiti comes to town

Finally, tobacco companies are forced to reveal what they spend on promotion.
Money is no object

Imperial Tobacco tries to "maxim"-ize lifestyle promotion through its own publication.
Show us the money!  Players and other boys.

Benson and Hedges Gold Club Series hip-hopped across Canada to  reach young club goers.
All that glitter!!

BAT's Canadian subsidiary re-launches this international brand - and finds plenty of marketing opportunities to do so.

The Midas Touch   Kool (marketing) or Lame (laws)?


If you have comments or questions about cigarette advertising in Canada, or want to share information about promotional activities you have noticed, please contact us.

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