A Review of Cigarette Marketing in Canada -- 3rd Edition -- Winter 2001


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Welcome to the third edition of Canada's only e-zine on Tobacco Marketing.

Filter-Tips is Canada's first e-zine review of tobacco marketing in Canada. It's offered by Physicians for a Smoke-Free Canada as a periodic review of the promotional activities of the tobacco industry and its associates.

The resources to put this page on the web came from a contribution provided to PSC from Health Canada (whose opinions are not necessarily reflected in the content). Thanks, Health Canada! 

Caveat surfer! We're heavy on photos and graphics! 


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In this Edition:
on cigarette
Trade-Mark Update.
Since October 2000, tobacco companies can no longer put sponsorship advertisements (nor cigarette advertisements) on billboards or in retail stores.  See what they've done instead. Imperial Tobacco (UK) prepares to enter Canada and Japan Tobacco prepares to market genetically modified seed. Whoddathunkit?


The good news:
They're spending
less on traditional

The bad news:
They're opening up new forms of promotion.
ACNeilsen data shows that after new restrictions came into effect, tobacco companies are spending less on traditional forms of promotion. Magazines, contests and bar promotions are increasingly used to sell cigarettes in Canada.

 Tobacco companies and the internet

Silver light.

Not many tobacco companies use the internet to market their brands -- but when they do, they're not shy! Tobacco companies respond to bans on the use of 'light' and 'ultra-light' by creating new associations.  Red is for regular, Blue is for light and Silver is for ultra-light.

Gravity is for sissies???

Club Promotions
Japan Tobacco's leading brand, Export A, goes to 'extremes' to keep an edge on its image. Imperial Tobacco launches new magazines to promote smoking-friendly lifestyles.

Giving it away. 

Tobacco Company Philanthropy

A full magazine to arm the marketers

The arts, sports, AIDS, Family violence -- tobacco companies advertise their concern for many social concerns.  BAT's Imperial Tobacco launches new magazines to promote smoking-friendly lifestyles.


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