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A Review of Cigarette Marketing in Canada -- 2nd Edition -- Spring 1999


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A laugh a minute. A death every 12 minutes.
Craven A "Just for Laughs"

The Montreal laugh-festival "Just for Laughs" tours central and western Canada in March, 1999.   Posters, billboards, and newspaper ads made this one of the most hyped night-club circuits of the year.

Marketing the event, of course, helps market the cigarette. This tour is another close collaboration between Rothmans, Benson & Hedges' Craven A and Andy Nulman's Just for Laughs festival.

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1999 cross-Canada billboards

The "Just for Laughs" Canadian Comedy Tour travels to eight Canadian cities (Burlington, London, Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg and Vancouver) between March 17 and March 28, 1999.  Four performances are scheduled in each city.

Information on the tour is on the Just for Laughs web-site, www.hahaha.com.

Craven 'A' Just for Laughs Canadian Tour 1999
(click on pictures to see full-size versions)

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image used on posters & postcard (24 posters were displayed at the Ottawa venue)
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You'll die laughing....?
(photo courtesy of BC AIRSPACE)

Craven 'A' and Just for Laughs - 1998 Promotions (Montreal)
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store display

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entry to site
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post card
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billboard (#1)
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kids with mascot
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billboard (#2)
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street sign
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magazine ad
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cafe & umbrellas
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advertising on the go

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Craven A served up

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Counter-advertising...(this is not an official Just for Laughs logo!!!)

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Physicians for a Smoke-Free Canada
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