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A Review of Cigarette Marketing in Canada -- 2nd Edition -- Spring 1999


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to the second edition of Canada's only e-zine on Tobacco Marketing

Filter-Tips is Canada's first e-zine review of tobacco marketing in Canada. It's offered by Physicians for a Smoke-Free Canada as a semi-annual check-up on the promotional activities of the tobacco industry and its associates.

The resources to put this page on the web came from a contribution provided to PSC from Health Canada (whose opinions are not necessarily reflected in the content). Thanks, Health Canada! 

Caveat surfer! We're heavy on photos and graphics! 

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Premiere Edition
Autumn 1998

In this Edition:
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Cigarette Advertising Grows by 450% in only 5 years!
ACNielsen data shows that cigarette companies are spending more on marketing than they were before there were any legal restrictions.


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First Filter-Tips Irony Award Goes to...
Health Canada for protecting kids from Player's and du Maurier cigarette lighters - but not the cigarettes!


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The du Maurier logo was on television for more than half the CTV broadcast of the Canadian Men's Tennis. Check here for the disturbing score on more sports broadcasts


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The ad-Vantage of advertising to women
RJR-Macdonald uses celebrities to push its Vantage brands.

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Canadian retailers push cigarettes...
Survey shows retail promotion of cigarettes has increased 8% in the past three years.

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It's a Classic
As predicted, RBH has introduced a 'light' version of its new brand, Canadian Classics. As with the launch of their original brand, they're openly defying the law.


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"Old Friend Shag"??
It's not as rude as it sounds ... it's a tobacco brand name Imperial Tobacco is trying to trade-mark.   Rothmans, Benson & Hedges has an equally startling brand-name it wants to trade mark ... "Y2K."

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A laugh a minute. A death every 12 minutes.
RBH and Montreal's Just for Laughs festival tour their partnership to 8 central and western Canadian cities this March. 


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Physicians for a Smoke-Free Canada
(PSC) is a national health organization, founded in 1985 as a registered charity. We are a unique organization of Canadian physicians who share one goal: the reduction of tobacco-caused illness through reduced smoking and reduced exposure to second-hand smoke.

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