Key provisions of an Act to Implement the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control
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text of draft legislation

The bill proposes measures to bring Canada into compliance with the Framework Convention on Tobacco control by:

Second hand smoke

·         Ensuring that all federally-regulated workers are protected from second hand smoke at work

·         Banning smoking in all federally-controlled buildings.


·         Banning the use of “light,” “mild” and other misleading descriptors

·         Increasing health warnings on cigars and pipe tobacco


·         Banning tobacco promotions in publications, including the internet

·         Banning tobacco promotions in direct-mail

·         Banning tobacco promotions in bars

·         Banning tobacco promotional lighters and matches

·         Banning the sale and promotion of tobacco-branded goods and services

·         Banning the display of tobacco products at retail.

·         Require health warning labels on all allowable promotions

·         Banning tobacco-branded promotions and contests

·         Banning exports and imports of tobacco promotion.

[1] This Act would continue to allow promotions to distributors, growers, manufacturers and retailers, but not, directly or indirectly, at consumers.  It is a similar measure (but slightly stronger) as that used under the Food and Drug Act to restrict direct-to-consumer marketing of prescription medicines.

Youth access and sales to youth

·         Banning vending machines

·         Banning candy cigarettes 

International support

·         Increasing funding to global tobacco control to 1% of federal tax revenues from cigarettes, or 5% of tobacco industry earnings in Canada, whichever is greater
Intersectoral collaboration

·         Establishing a national focal point on tobacco

Leadership and accountability

·         Requiring the Minister of Health to report to parliament on federal tobacco control programming, and measures taken to implement the treaty, including:

·         Funding for tobacco control

·         Health consequences of smoking

·         Reports on tobacco industry activities

·         Educational initiatives

·         Training programs

·         Support to smokers wishing to quit

·         Research and monitoring

·         Environmental monitoring

·         Legal action against tobacco companies


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