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RCMP raid on Imperial Tobacco

On November 26, 2004, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police showed up at the offices of Imperial Tobacco Canada with a search warrant authorizing them to search for documents related to cigarette smuggling alleged to have been orchestrated by Imperial Tobacco in the 1990s.  RCMP officers combed through Imperial Tobacco's files for three days.

The search warrant and related affidavit are public documents that were obtained from the Montreal Court by our colleagues at the non-Smokers' Rights Association.

PSC is pleased to make this document (mainly written in French) available on our web-site.

Click here to download the entire 200-page document in pdf format (13 megabytes) 
  Here is the same document, divided into eleven, smaller downloadable segments:
  Cover page+AnnexesA&B
  Annex C-Chapter 1
  Annex C-Chapter 2-pp 9-19
  Chapter 2 - pp 20-43.pdf
  Chapter 3 - pp 44-63.pdf
  Chapter 3 - pp 64-83.pdf
  Chapter 4 - pp 44-63.pdf
  Chapter 5 - pp 106-113.pdf
  Chapter 6 - pp 114-136.pdf
  Chapter 7 - pp 137-151.pdf.
  Chapter 7 - pp 152-172.pdf.
  News coverage:

CBC News http://www.cbc.ca/story/business/national/2004/11/26/imperial-smuggling041126.html