News Releases

May 31 2006

Continuing the work of
Heather Crowe

Physicians for a Smoke-Free Canada (PSC) called on Canadian legislators and citizens to continue to work together to continue Heather Crowe's campaign 'to be the last worker to die from second hand smoke.'

PSC points to a number of ways in which each of us can continue Heather's work. 

  • Governments can improve their laws to ensure protection for all workers, and work to improve existing laws.  A call for the Canadian parliament to improve federal law is available here.
  • Citizens can continue to support governments in protecting workers from exposure to second hand smoke.  The governments of Alberta, British Columbia and the Yukon still allow workers to be exposed in hospitality venues and the government of Saskatchewan protects hospitality workers, but not those in other settings.
  • Contributions can be made to the Heather Crowe Legacy Fund, which is administered by the Canadian Council on Tobacco Control. This fund will support campaigns for smoke-free spaces and youth engagement programs
  • Teachers and neighbours can continue to tell the story of Heather Crowe and to encourage their communities to accept the importance of smoke-free air, whether it is in the work-place, the home or recreational settings.

PSC will be producing a documentary film on Heather Crowe's life.  Copies of the film can be ordered by e-mailing us at psc@[nospam]smoke-free.ca (but remove [nospam] before sending).