A Review of Cigarette Marketing in Canada - 6th Edition - Winter 2007


Welcome back to the 6th edition of Canada's only e-zine on Tobacco Marketing.

2007 was a pivotal year for tobacco marketing in Canada.  The Supreme Court upheld the federal law which restricts tobacco advertising, which had the perverse effect of returning tobacco advertising to Canadian newspapers. 

Tobacco companies were also required to remove the terms 'light' and 'mild' from their packages.  This had the perverse effect of launching a number of package redesigns.

Filter-Tips is a periodic review by Physicians for a Smoke-Free Canada of tobacco marketing in Canada.

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In this Edition:

As predicted, soon after the Supreme Court rejected their court argument, tobacco companies resumed advertising.

Japan Tobacco leads the way

Tobacco Ads return

Prestige is the new light. Demands for an end to the deception of light cigarettes resulted in new marketing -- but no less deception.

A review of package redesign.

The colour of deception

Canada used to be an isolated tobacco market. Multinational companies are now integrating Canada into their global plans. 

International Brands

Cheaper brands have made inroads - but the leading seller is still a premium brand.
Market Share of cigarette brand families in Canada.
PJ & Design

More international brands, more brands of snus, new styles of packaging.

Trade mark tracking.  

Reducing Harm or Expending Profits?
BAT-Imperial Tobacco launches du Maurier Snus

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