A Review of Cigarette Marketing in Canada - 5th Edition - Summer 2006

What took us so long...again?!

Welcome back to the 5th edition of Canada's only e-zine on Tobacco Marketing.

Tobacco companies continue to market their products energetically in Canada -- but they are restricted to fewer and fewer venues.

This edition takes a look at how Canadian tobacco companies have adapted to new these restrictions.

Filter-Tips is a periodic review by Physicians for a Smoke-Free Canada of tobacco marketing in Canada.

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Fourth Edition
Winter 2003

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Autumn 1999

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Premiere Edition
Autumn 1998

In this Edition:

The retail display of cigarettes is evolving in Canada and here is how.  

A look at what's being done.

Changing retail displays


The "big three" try competing in the discount market. 

What this means to big tobacco and public health.

Discount cigarettes

A new campaign for smoke-less tobacco
Tobacco ads return to print.
Skoal ads -- unplugged.

The marlboro man rides in ... well sneaks in to Canada
A new unbranded Marlboro Cigarette
No-name Marlboros
Du Maurier, Peter Jackson, Benson and Hedges
Redesigning packages to communicate brand values
The make-over edition



Weird, wacky and just plain tasteless.
New forms of tobacco products are hitting the shelves

Vitaminized tobacco and other  'novelties.' 

Cigarette brand shares in Canadian regions
What's selling  - and where

If you have comments or questions about cigarette advertising in Canada, or want to share information about promotional activities you have noticed, please contact us.

Filter-Tips is produced by Physicians for a Smoke-Free Canada.
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